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Portugal is, as they say, “not just a pretty face” :-) 
As an ancient powerhouse economy, and one of the oldest members of the European Union, Portugal has a vibrant and flourishing economy. While Portugal consistently tops all charts as one of the best places to retire in for its high quality of life and safety index, there is also a simultaneous buzz of millennials, digital nomads and innovative entrepreneurs in cities like Lisbon, Porto, Évora, Ericeira, Lagos, Faro and Caparica who are steadily driving the economy towards future-forward businesses - whether in IT, biotech, sustainability or services.

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Portugal - A SMART Choice

Portugal is steadily and increasingly becoming a top destination for entrepreneurs and digital nomads from all over the world who want to establish their companies in Europe.

The government is also playing its role in encouraging and nurturing an ecosystem that attracts the best talent and ideas from all over the world, including incubators, accelerators, investors, and of course, a visa regime that makes it easy for foreigners to set-up base and get going with their enterprises.

Distance working


One of the safest countries in the world - ranked number 6 in 2022

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Convenient Time Zone

Easy to work with different time-zones - located between western and eastern hemispheres

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Affordable country to live in Europe with a population with high levels of proficiency in English

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Mild Weather

Over 300 days of sunshine per year



One of the best destinations for foreigners, and the 6th friendliest country in the world

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Well Equipped

Among the top 30 countries in the world with fastest internet speed 

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Good Infrastructure

Good roads, transportation, infrastructures  and logistics

Public Healthcare

Good Public Healthcare and Services

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Gateway to Europe

 Through application to Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of legal residency

Portugal Visa Types for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are a few Portugal Visa Programmes to choose from. It is important to note that the main difference compared to the Portugal Golden Visa​ is that with these visas, one needs to live in Portugal or at least spend substantial time in the country, and be actively involved in the venture.


Here is a short overview of each type, Please contact us to find out more about any of them.

Digital Nomad

D2 Visa

For entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent workers

Business Consultation

Startup Visa

For Startup Founders


Tech Visa

For professionals recruited by Tech companies

Happy Scientist

D3 (HQA) Visa

For researchers and highly qualified professionals 

D2 Visa

This visa is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Portugal, or those who already have a business in their country of origin and would like to open a branch in Portugal. 

In order to become eligible, Portugal D2 visa candidates must prove that they have available financial resources in Portugal to support themselves, and demonstrate their intention to invest or develop a business project  in the country. 

Self-employed – independent or liberal  - professionals who have clients in the country and already have a work contract or a written work proposal are also eligible for the Portugal D2 Visa Program.

Startup Visa

The Portuguese Startup Visa Program is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to develop new and dynamic startup projects to create innovative business models that are internationally attractive, thus contributing to attract and establish highly qualified tech professionals.

Those interested in seeking a Portugal residency visa by creating a startup company in the country must prove their business has the potential to create new jobs and achieve a revenue of €325,000 in a 5 year span.

Eligible candidates must also have established a partnership with one or more certified incubators that will support their project or company creation in Portugal.

D2 Visa
Startup Visa

Tech Visa

This visa is suitable for highly qualified professionals that have been recruited by companies that develop activities related to technology and innovation (say, a company started under the Start-Up Visa).


Those interested in the Portugal Tech Visa Program must keep in mind that, in order to become eligible, the hiring companies must be certified as Tech or Innovative by Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação (IAPMEI - Agência para a Competitividade e Inovação). 

D3 Visa - Also Known as HQA Visa

The Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) visa aims to attract scientific researchers, higher education professors or highly qualified professionals to live and work in Portugal. 

Any worker who is qualified to carry out professional activities that require highly specialized technical skills will be eligible, provided that they can prove they have a connection to an institution - research center, University, etc - that, in this case, can either be certified by IAPMEI or not. 

The D3 is a priority visa, which means that it has a faster timeline in terms of procedure than most Portugal visa programs. 

Tech Visa
D3 Visa

Why Choose a Portugal Visa for Entrepreneurs?

Portugal has quite a rich range of Residency Visa Programs that can be suitable to a vast array of candidates, profiles, and lifestyles. Each visa has its specific requirements and features, but they all have advantages. 
The main advantages of choosing the Portugal Visa for Entrepreneurs Program are: 

  • There is no property investment required

  • The program allows applicants to have access to the EU as a second residency

  • Gives direct access to Portuguese Citizenship after 5 years of legal residency 

  • Allows to easily start and maintain a business in the EU

  • Gives access to Portugal’s fantastic lifestyle and climate

  • Facilitates a pathway to citizenship and Permanent Residency for family members.

  • You will benefit from Portugal’s Non-Habitual Tax Residency Program for the first 10 years of your residence​

Our Services

Golden Homes Portugal provides advisory services for entrepreneurs and start-ups who wish to set-up base in Portugal - either as completely new enterprises, or as subsidiaries of existing companies. Through our network of Legal Firms and Incubators, we will help you understand the various programmes, choose the right one, and get going with your Portugal Residency journey.

What Makes Us Different

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Study in the park

Our first-hand experience in setting up and running a company in Portugal.

Connects with Incubators, Businesses and Universities in Portugal

Partnership with the best legal professionals in Portugal for reliable advice not just on the visa, but also on setting-up and running a company.

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